Having descended from the Guardinal lineage of an avoral being, Aria has prominent qualities that set her apart from the average human being. Whether it be the glow to her skin or the shine in her eye, her presence emanates an angelic-quality that makes her a natural person to gravitate towards. Her lineage has also imbued her with a protective nature, which shows on the occasion that she utilizes her celestial qualities. Personality-wise, she can often be described as persuasive & inquisitive, yet convoluted in her decision making as well as dry in humor. She is exceedingly diplomatic, and will often look for ways to avoid altercations, even if that way is more difficult.


Hailing from Shussel, a port city in the eastern lands of Gongaga, Aria was born to a prominent family. Her birth only helped to further her family’s reputation, as often the birth of an Aasimar is seen as a good omen. She was raised with the clear understanding that she represented the pride of her family and was taught to always display good intentions and seek no ill from others. Despite this, she found her adolescent dreams filled with pessimistic visions, prophecies, and feelings that she believes are a form of guidance from her angelic guide, who goes by the name of Mykiel. He is stern and judgemental and would often cause Aria to doubt her actions or the future to come, but who also empowered her to stand up for herself in some situations.

Her celestial path of righteousness was well laid out for her, and though she had her doubts, she was willing to follow it. That is, until she received a vision one night when she was 13, that alluded to the assassination of her mother and father. These visions were a part of herself that she had yet to admit to her family, with the fear that they would misunderstand. In hopes of avoiding this fate, she explored the celestial qualities she’d been born with, which she felt lay as a dormant energy inside of her. She was still young and untrained, however, and failed to save her family from this ruin. Her moreso human brothers and sisters fled, or were adopted by the local villagers. However, she felt that she could trust no one in her port town, as she could never truly be sure of their intention. Whether it be her need to escape or her celestial roots calling to her, Aria began her journey to Kelvors. While her race was built around the innate urge to do what is right and just, she often questioned the path she foresaw. So, despite the betrayal she felt from the murder of her parents, she also saw this detour as a chance to truly explore her new fate.

On her route, she discovered a wounded half-elf sorceress by the name of Ava. Typically being a rather social person, traveling had made her lonesome, so she accepted Ava’s offer to be her companion on her journey without question. Though her guide warned her of Ava’s fate, Aria felt that the experience was worth more to her than any of the possible outcomes. She traveled for years with Ava, and through it she became adept in sorcery as well as a follower of Mystra, the Mother of all magic. They traveled along the borderlands of Kelvors; Durpar, Murghôm, Thesk, and Waterdeep; making connections with many, and developing their skills. It was with Ava that Aria honed her celestial abilities and realized the protective bloodline that she held. She also spent many a time challenging her calling toward justice, and truly pondering morality.

Her path took a dark turn when she foresaw the death of her companion, which swayed from any vision she’d had of Ava. In hopes of preventing this fate, she confided in her. Which, was the first person she’d discussed her angelic guide with. The two spent months traveling as far from Kelvors as they could get and avoiding any aspects relating to her visions. However, it was one night while Aria was on nightwatch that their small encampment was attacked by a pack of driders. Despite her best efforts, the pair couldn’t avoid Ava’s imminent death. Aria would have died alongside Ava, were it not for her pleas to flee and the note she gave her.

In hopes of finding more answers, as well as escaping the land that had forsaken her, Aria made her way to Lindell. She carries with her Ava’s sacred pendent that depicts the holy symbol of Mystra, and the note Ava gave her in the moments leading up to her death.


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